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Lifestyle Change

After being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease a few years back, my fiancée and I went through a gradual process of improving our lifestyle. 


Making healthier choices grew as a priority. We became mindful of our nutrition, looking at labels and changing our diet.


Less sugar, less salt, less fat and less protein, everything had to be accounted for because of my condition.


A Dream in The Making

The need to be mindful of my diet began to overlap with other aspects of our life.


I was also more aware of the chemicals I was putting on my skin. Which led to reading labels and researching the contents of skincare products whilst also concerned about the unnecessary amount of plastic involved in the packaging of products like shower gels and hand washes.


Soon after, I was gifted a set of natural soaps and the desire to create my own brand stayed with me since.

The Opportunity


During the coronavirus lockdown we found ourselves having the time needed to kickstart this dream and began our Soapatural journey: researching, studying, testing and learning from experience to perfect our products.


We are proud to be following this dream and hope that you enjoy our natural products.

Why Soapatural?


Now that you know our story, you might be wondering what you can expect from our brand. Take a look at the benefits of buying Soapatural: 

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